Targets and Progress

This section summarises our 2020 and 2021 progress against our commitments and targets. SDP continuously reviews these targets to ensure that we meet or exceed our goals and are aligned with industry best practices and emerging trends.



On Track

Not achieved

100% RSPO certified estates and mills 2023 100% RSPO certified mills. On track
Produce sufficient GenomeSelectTM requirements for Malaysia operations 2022 1.47 million seed produced in 2021, half the amount required to fulfil all replanting needs. On track
New: Increase man-to-land ratio to 1:17.5 through automation from 2021 baseline of 1:14.8 2025 Rolled out drones for pest and disease spraying, reducing labour for nursery spraying by 87% and point-to-point spraying by 69% in immature areas. On track
Revised: 100% traceability to plantation across our supply chain1 2025 Achieved 73.5% traceability to plantation, up from 47.4% in 2019 (26.1% improvement). SDP is developing plans for data verification. On track
100% verified No Deforestation, No Peat and No Exploitation (NDPE) supply chain, inclusive of smallholders 2025 As of Q2 2021, 75% of supplying mills are ‘delivering’ and ‘progressing’ on NDPE commitments, based on NDPE Implementation Reporting Framework. SDP is developing plans for data verification. On track
Develop and roll out programmes to support suppliers in meeting NDPE commitments 2025 Piloted in-depth assessments and engagement with supplying mills in Indonesia. A total of 97 new and 41 existing suppliers were assessed against our due diligence framework. Developed customised action plans for four companies identified as high-risk. In addition, 237 participants attended SDP’s NDPE workshops. On track
Support 100% scheme smallholders in Indonesia to obtain RSPO certification 2023 Continued smallholder certification programmes for managed smallholders (Kredit Koperasi Primer Anggota – KKPA) in Indonesia; 50% are RSPO certified (Kredit Koperasi Primer Anggota-KKPA)
Revised: Source from 100% MSPO certified independent smallholders in Malaysia2 2025 104 out of 129 direct independent smallholders we source from in Malaysia are MSPO certified, representing about 9% of our overall third-party crop in Malaysia. On track
Maintain RSPO certification for 100% of smallholders in PNG and Solomon Islands Ongoing 100% RSPO certified Achieved
Revised: Reduce carbon emissions at upstream operations by 50%(against 2009 baseline)3 2030 Reduction of 1.8% in carbon emission intensity compared to 2009 baseline. We are ramping up our biogas initiatives to meet this target. Our 12 operational biogas plants contribute almost 500,000 MT CO2e emissions reduction. On track
New: Mapping of Scope 3 GHG emissions 2023 SDP has begun quantifying most material Scope 3 emission sources. On track
Zero use of fire for land preparation Ongoing In 2021, relevant teams attended training on conducting a water footprint assessment. In 2022, SDP will be conducting a full water footprint assessment in Malaysia using the Water Footprint Network methodology and a life cycle assessment. Achieved
New: Develop water footprint framework for SDP Malaysia 2022 On track

Achieve effluent discharge intensity limits of:

  • - Malaysia: 0.65 m3/MT FFB
  • - Indonesia: 0.5 m3/MT FFB
  • - PNG/Solomon Islands: 0.7 m3/MT FFB
Ongoing   Achieved for Malaysia, Indonesia, PNG and Solomon Islands
Finalise conservation and biodiversity plan for non-plantable areas in Malaysia 2021 SDP Malaysia has developed the Conservation and Biodiversity Area initiative to classify areas and programmes for protection, connection, and restoration. Achieved for Malaysia
Implement similar plans for Indonesia and Papua New Guinea 2025
New: Resolution of WRO & Impactt recommendations 2021 Assessment delayed due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, hindering the necessary on-the-ground verification in 2021. The assessment resumed in December 2021, and the report was completed in March 2022. Target revised to 2022
Enhanced ethical recruitment procedure for migrant workers 2021 Published new Migrant Worker Responsible Recruitment Procedure in August 2021. On track
Implement similar plans for Indonesia and Papua New Guinea 2022
Finalise roll out of Suara Kami grievance mechanism for all workers at Malaysia operations 2021 Suara Kami successfully rolled out to all operations in Malaysia. New Worker Helpline established in Q2 2021. 334 grievances were raised in 2021, compared to 53 in 2020 reflecting increased confidence in the channels. Whistleblowing channels are used as the main grievance mechanism for Indonesia and PNG operations. Achieved for Malaysia
100% of workers globally covered by effective grievance mechanisms 2023
Review and upgrade housing conditions for all workers in Malaysia 2022 A total of 312 units of new workers' quarters have been built and another 1,086 housing units have been refurbished, covering 58% of all upgrades planned. On track
No fatalities Ongoing We regret to report 7 work-related fatalities in 2020 and 2021. An additional 40 non-occupational related deaths resulted from COVID-19 infections. Click here for more details. Not achieved
15% annual reduction in frequency of safety and health incidents Year-on-year 25.7% reduction from 2019-2020; 13.1% reduction from 2020-2021. Whilst we did not meet our year-on-year 15% reduction target for 2021, the decline in yearly accident rates indicates an overall improvement. Achieved for 2020.
Not achieved for 2021.

1Our previously reported traceability to plantation target was 100% to SDP-owned mills by 2022. However, we have replaced and integrated this goal into our overall traceability target for all SDP and third-party mills.

2This target was previously set for 2023 but was revised to 2025 due to pandemic delays and the forthcoming MSPO requirements for FFB dealers.

3We previously set a 40% reduction target, which was revised to reflect our increased ambitions.